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The real reason why Apple puts these stickers to the iPhone

iPhones, iPads and MacBooks still contain Apple stickers. Even gift cards come with the sometimes colorful logo design. But why actually?

Apple stickers in the form of the logo have been included with the company’s products for around two decades. To understand why Apple includes stickers with its iPhones, iPads and the like, you have to take a look back in time.

Apple used to be the underdog

Apple and its products still have the image of being cool among users. Especially in comparison to Android devices, you hear this again and again from iPhone fans. But before Apple became “cool” in the 2000s, its products were the not-so-secret insider tip. In the 1980s, long before the iPhone, iPad and the like, Apple was not one of the most valuable companies in the world. Rather, the company was overshadowed by IBM with its “Macintosh” home computer. Apple was the underdog, with a small but loyal fan base. There are rumors that in the 1990s, when Apple was on the verge of insolvency, Apple fans went to stores specifically to recommend the Mac to other customers.

Apple stickers are the perfect marketing tool

Apple launched its sticker program in 1990 and has been including them with its products for over 20 years. While you can now show everyone which brand you support through mobile devices, you couldn’t do that back then. Stickers were the perfect idea. If you had them, you usually owned an Apple product and could, for example, put them on your car to show everyone that you were part of the Apple fan base.

There was hardly any better advertising than word-of-mouth or voluntarily putting a brand symbol on one’s stuff back then. If someone is willing to put Apple on his car or a bag, then he must be convinced of the brand. In a time without Internet ratings or user reviews, that was a big advantage.

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As Apple rose to become a tech giant and one of the coolest brands in the world starting in the mid-2000s with the introductions of the iPod, MacBook and iPhone, the purpose of the stickers also changed. Instead of using them to show that you were part of a small group of tech fans, stickers became a cool accessory. Apple stickers gave the company free advertising all over the world and still do to this day.

Cult stickers for gift card relaunched

In the meantime, the stickers with the Apple logo almost enjoy cult status, which is probably one reason why the company is holding on to them. Since the end of June, the Apple Gift Card has also replaced the previous voucher cards for iTunes and the App Store in this country. The cards are available in five colorful designs – and with a hidden logo sticker. If you pull the paper with the code out of the packaging, there is a sticker on the back with the design that can also be seen on the outside. In the USA, the gift cards with stickers have already been available for two years. Here, however, they are currently only available online and the designs also seem to differ slightly from the US stickers.

Screenshot Apple Sticker colorful logos
Wonderfully colorful – the new Apple stickers. Photo: Screenshot atechbook via Apple


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