The saddest website in the world moves to tears

The blog “Last Message Received” collects last messages people have received from fellow human beings. Behind them are touching stories of grief and heartbreak.

Whether it’s a last message from a partner before a breakup or the last words of a loved one before they died, they’re words the other person will never forget. On the Tumblr blog “The Last Message Received”, thousands have published exactly these words. Each is accompanied by a brief description of what situation and person it is about. They are usually heartbreaking words that don’t let you go so quickly.

“The Last Message Received” is the project of Emily Trunko, now 21. She started the blog as a 16-year-old high school student from the small town of Copley, Ohio. She has collected thousands of letters and short messages from mostly anonymous senders for this purpose. Here are six examples:

We were good friends in high school, and he moved to another state to work, but we kept in touch over snapchat. After two years, he moved back to our hometown for a job interview.

1.) ” I’m sorry I didn’t reply to you”

This sad case is from the beginning of 2018. In April 2021, the person described his sad case to the blog “The last message received”.

Tumblr screenshot
A last message about the
Facebook Messenger Photo: Tumblr / The last message received

Translation of chat history:

“How are you?”

The story behind it:

“I always thought I could message him later, but then forgot to reply at some point because I didn’t really use Facebook. Four months after he sent this, he died in an accident. I will always hate myself for not replying to him. The two year anniversary of his death just passed three weeks ago. I’m sorry I didn’t reply to you. I miss you.”

2.) “I trained you well.”

Also in 2021, “The last message received” has reached this sad case from 2018. Last messages full of humor between two very good friends.

Tumblr screenshot
Light-hearted communication Photo: Tumblr / The last message received

Translation of chat history:

Person A: “I’m working with another Erick now. But as you can see, they spell his name with a C and a K … kind of weird.”
Person B (also named Eric): “Losers need extra letters to get just a little bit of my awesomeness.”
Person A: “Hahahaha, that’s exactly what I was thinking!”
Person B: “I trained you well”
Person A: “Oh my god lol”

Translation of the story behind it:

“About a month later, cancer took him from us. He was the funniest asshole I’ve ever been friends with. Miss him every day.”

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3.) “It still hurts how easy this was for them”

The third example is about the painful end of a relationship that left the abandoned person with a broken heart.

Screenshot 2016-10-17 at 17.35.04
Photo: The Last Message Received

Translation of the chat history:

Person A: “I’m sorry”
Person B: “Take care of yourself.”

Translation of the story behind it:

“One of the last messages I received from her, about a month after she left for college and our relationship broke up. We tried to stay friends but it didn’t work out. Just a week before, she had told me that her first thoughts in the morning were of me kissing her. Then every night she thought about coming home to me, then the next thing she knew she had ice coldly banished me from her life. It still hurts how easy that was for her, someone I really loved to do something like that, but I’m slowly getting better. I still miss talking to her about the little things though.”

You can find more stories in English on the blog or in German translation in the book to the blog.