The world is so beautiful with Intel Inside

On the road, gaming, on the job: Intel notebooks are convincing in all situations thanks to the latest EVO technology. We asked professionals why Intel’s current notebook range is so popular.

Michael is a digital native by any standards. As a convinced power user and loyal Windows user, he has been loyal to Intel-based computers for 23 years. He first heard the Windows boot melody at the tender age of 12: “I bought my first PC when I was 12 – at that time still with a Pentium II processor and Windows 98,” says the passionate photographer, who mainly takes pictures of nature. In addition to his digital marketing job at a well-known outdoor company, he is a passionate blogger and loves to travel in the mountains and Scandinavia.

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“I mainly use my Lenovo Yoga 9i when I’m on the road. It plays to its strengths especially when I’m away from home and still want to be productive,” says the Mecklenburg native. “Graphics and video editing are no problem on the go thanks to the fast Intel processor of the latest generation and the powerful integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics,” Michael knows to report.

Michael at his dream job: when he wants, where he wants. Photo: Michael Fiukowski

Evo guarantees a reliable technology platform

For globetrotter Michael, the connectivity of a laptop plays the central role in the purchase decision; a notebook that is as versatile as possible makes organizing his work immensely easier. Thanks to the Thunderbolt 4 interface, Intel Evo-certified laptops provide lightning-fast access to data from external hard drives, allow the connection of multiple monitors, a wide range of peripherals, or the charging of devices such as smartphones. This makes Michael’s laptop ideal for pulling data-intensive material onto the computer as fast as an arrow and sending it out into the world – regardless of the current location.

And it goes down just as smoothly as the first coffee from the gas stove in the morning outside the tent on the Lofoten Islands: “With Evo, it’s possible to have performance-intensive applications running in parallel without any problems, without it interfering with my work with the software.”

Finnish conditions don’t bother Michael and his equipment Photo: Michael Fiukowski

Set decorator Alwara has also turned her hobby into a profession. For 15 years now, the Austrian has been responsible for spectacular film sets around the world that enchant us in our cinema seats. A dream job that often takes place under extreme conditions and demands absolute flexibility.

Alwara only sits at a desk for a fraction of the day, as in the pictures from the set in Babelsberg. Rather, she balances the notebook in one hand and the cell phone in the other. “That wouldn’t work at all with a heavy laptop! My device is slim and very easy to transport,” she says with a laugh. A fact you can rely on with Intel Evo laptops thanks to the uniform certification. Because this seal of quality from Intel guarantees users compliance with binding minimum requirements.

Alwara in Babelsberg on the set of the film “Dream Factory”. Photo: Private

Alwara often works on airplanes, in trailers, or, of course, in hotels. When film sets are taken down, she then coordinates it from there with colleagues who are not on location. “Everything has to be just right: Connection, fast WLAN and picture quality!”

Connectivity as the key to good collaboration

For video calls to run smoothly, webcams with an HD resolution of at least 30 frames per second (FPS) must be installed. No problem for her notebook with Intel Evo: “No one can complain afterwards whether the sofa was blue or gold,” says the decorator with a twinkle in her eye.

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High laptop connectivity is also extremely important for IT manager Jakob, 37. On the one hand, because he looks at it critically in his job. On the other hand, because as a hobby gamer he appreciates speed and reliable connections – and it really gets on his nerves when it hangs here.

Beauty ideal in a slim look

“I like the high mobility, very good energy efficiency and strong performance of Evo laptops.” In all these areas, its notebook can definitely compete with classic gaming PCs, because you don’t always want to be chained to your desk.

He laughs, “And that’s despite the fact that these things are so thin!” While starvation diets are now frowned upon, the slim line is absolutely the order of the day with Intel’s Evo platform: only those that are no more than 15 millimeters thick and have narrow display bezels get the coveted Intel Evo seal. Thus, the chic performance monsters fit easily into every pocket.

Always and everywhere a reliable partner

Intel laptops score with two other pillars of Evo certification when Jakob zooms into another sphere together with the YouTube collective and the “game crew” Nerdistan TV. “I was surprised by the battery runtime under load as well as in energy-saving mode!” he expertly reports that no device gets the test seal under nine hours of battery runtime. And if the case does run out of juice, there’s a quick charge function that gets you back up and running in no time.

30 minutes of charging, 4 hours of battery

That’s also one of the favorite features of Evo laptops for Isa, who works as a product manager at a record label. What is it all about? Music! What she likes to take with her? Music, too! “There’s nothing more frustrating than sitting on the train and suddenly the battery is dead and there’s no accessible or working outlet.

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I can’t concentrate if I can’t dive into my music world.”
We fully understand that.

You can count on it with Intel Evo laptops:

  • Over nine hours of battery life: tested under realistic application conditions
  • Wi-Fi 6: ready now for the new Wi-Fi standard
  • Thunderbolt 4: charging with variable accessories and USB-C.
  • GPU Iris Xe: latest Intel graphics architecture
  • Fast charging: 30 minutes of charging means at least four hours of battery power
  • Wake up from sleep mode: in less than a second