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TikTok in full soon only usable from 18 years of age

Hardly any app has been as hyped in recent years as TikTok. But not all videos on the portal are suitable for all users. That’s why TikTok is introducing two new tools that influence the content displayed.

TikTok currently has over one billion users worldwide . That the video service is successful is therefore undeniable. A wide variety of users upload short clips on a wide variety of topics. Not all of them, however, you want or should watch. For this reason, TikTok is introducing new features such as an age lock to improve control over unwanted as well as unsuitable content. In the coming weeks, the service will also roll out the option to blacklist words or hashtags yourself. The company has now announced this.

As a result, videos tagged with these hashtags will no longer appear on the app home page (“For you”) and in the “Follow me” feed in the future. Videos can already be marked as “Not interesting”. However, this will only result in other videos created by the same user being skipped.

TikTok plans age lock

Another upcoming innovation is age blocking on TikTok: A new system will classify content – based on its suitability for a younger audience. If a video contains “adult or complex themes” as well as “fictional scenes that might be too scary or intense for a younger audience,” young people won’t be able to watch the content. TikTok’s age blocking policy blocks posts for those under 18.

TikTok users who are too young will then only see the notice, “Post not available. This post has an age restriction.” According to TikTok, the age restriction is not yet fully developed, but is nevertheless expected to go live as “an initial release” in the coming weeks.

Those who sign up for TikTok must provide their date of birth. The minimum age for use is 13. If parents install the app themselves on their smartphone, they can activate a mode to accompany their child on TikTok.


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