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Tips to protect the smartphone from heat

When it’s hot outside, it’s not just people who sweat. High temperatures also take their toll on electrical devices. Laptops and smartphones can be damaged by excessive heat, and in some cases break or even explode.

Many manufacturers warn their customers of equipment damage caused by excessive temperature rises. Because just like winter, summer also holds temperature-related dangers for electronics. atechbook explains how smartphones, laptops and tablets can survive the heat in summer without damage.

Technology likes it cool and shady

It’s best to leave your electronic devices at home or in your pocket when you’re out and about in hot weather. Likewise, avoid storing devices in your car. Even if they are not affected by direct sunlight there, the temperature inside the car can reach 60 degrees in the summer. Even as low as 35 degrees Celsius can damage the device by causing the battery to lose capacity or the display crystals to be destroyed. The ideal temperature for technical devices is around 20 degrees Celsius.

In midsummer, however, it can get so hot directly behind the windshield on the dashboard that plastic housings can even melt. This is particularly problematic for navigation devices, which are usually installed in this critical zone. It is advisable to store the navigation device elsewhere after parking the vehicle. Smartphones should also be kept out of the car when it is hot.

Beware of battery fire

TÜV Rheinland warns that damage can occur to the soldered joints of the battery. In the worst case, a short circuit occurs or a so-called “battery fire” occurs, which can lead to defects, fires or even explosions. In general, all devices with black or dark housings are particularly at risk, as they can become extremely hot due to solar radiation.

“Extreme temperature conditions can cause the device to change its behavior,” Apple explains. For example, particularly low temperatures can lead to a temporary reduction in battery life. High temperatures, on the other hand, can damage battery life forever. “Using an iOS device in very hot conditions can permanently shorten battery life,” Apple’s support department warns.

What to do when the phone gets hot?

According to the experts, the “heating effect” can already be significantly reduced by simple tricks. For example, when using your smartphone on the road, simply keep it in your pocket, where it is protected from excessive heat. Even when relaxing on the lawn at the lake or on the beach, you should cover the smartphone with a towel if possible to protect it from the sun and heat.

If your device still runs hot, turn it off and let it cool down at room temperature. Some devices also shut down automatically as soon as a certain maximum temperature is reached. Do not use any computationally intensive apps, such as AR or navigation programs, for the time being. This is especially important for gamers, because gaming apps can cause a phone’s processor to heat up very quickly. Phones also heat up faster when using mobile data instead of accessing a WiFi connection. At best, activate the energy-saving mode or turn the device off completely for a moment to prevent overheating.

But: Do not place it in the fridge under any circumstances, since rapid temperature fluctuations and condensation that forms can also damage the electronics! Additionally, you should also not place laptops on your lap or a pillow, a flat and firm base would be better so that the fans can work unhindered and cool the device. A defect caused by heat is particularly annoying because the smartphone manufacturer or the insurance company will rarely pay for it, since the cause often cannot be proven exactly.

Certain smartphone apps warn of heat

If you want to be on the safe side, you can download an app for your smartphone that measures the temperature of the battery and sounds an alarm as soon as a critical value is reached. The iPhone and some Android smartphones already do this automatically, for the rest there are free programs like ” Battery & Battery HD – Battery ” or the ” Battery Lifespan Extender “. These tools also help protect the device battery from overcharging or completely draining, thus increasing its lifespan.

There are also temperature gauge programs for PC and laptop, such as the free ” Core Temp ” or ” SpeedFan “.


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