Try typing “PAC-MAN” into Google!

If you only use Google to search for terms, you’re missing out. Because the search engine has quite a few functions in store.

Most people are familiar with the Google Doodles, which always appear in the Google search for certain events. But there are many more details hidden in the search engine, which can only be activated with the right search term. atechbook shows you the best tools, games and tricks in Google search.

Games in the Google search

  • “snake play”: The classic from the Nokia era directly in the browser.
  • “PAC-MAN”: Although this “PAC-MAN” mini-game has only one level, it has a Google look.
  • “animal sounds”: play different animal sounds, such as for penguin, rhinoceros, horse and scorpion.
  • “tic tac toe”: The boredom killer “three wins” can also be played in the browser.
  • “minesweeper”: Many still know “Minesweeper” from Windows PCs. Google offers the game with difficulty levels easy, medium and difficult.
  • “solitaire”: Another Windows classic that is free to play in the browser – simple and difficult.
  • “fun facts”: This input randomly spits out funny and interesting facts – but only in English.
  • “earth day quiz”: Find out which animal you are for earth day.
  • “dreidel”: a Jewish children’s game with a dreidel (a spinning top with four sides), mostly played for sweets.
  • “google doodles”: search opens a random Google Doodle from the archive.

Tools in Google search

  • “flip a coin”: can’t decide between two things? Flip a coin in Google search to get heads or tails.
  • “roll the dice”: Roll a die to get a random number. The number of dice ranges from 4-sided to 20-sided. Moreover, you can add any number to the rolled number.
  • “google tuner”: A handy tool for tuning instruments. Access to the microphone in the laptop is necessary.
  • “color selector”: Select any color to get the HEX code for it. You can use this in drawing programs, for example.
  • “turntable”: A wheel of fortune like at the fair, which displays a random number after spinning. The wheel size can be set between 2 and 20 numbers.
  • “fidget”: a fidget spinner that either spins on its own or can be spun manually.
  • “calculator”: With the calculator you can calculate basic arithmetic, angle functions, roots and more. But the calculator has one more trick up its sleeve. Clicking on the Pi sign (π) without any previous input starts a memory game where you have to remember the decimal places of Pi that Google displays.
  • “google metronome”: a metronome that can be set from 40 to 218 beats per minute.
  • “one-minute breathing exercise”: A meditative breathing exercise to relax.
  • “bubble level” (only on smartphones): a working bubble level appears in the search.

More Google tricks

  • “askew”: Google search tilts a little to the side.
  • “do a barrel roll”: The entire Google search spins once overhead.
  • “dvd screensaver”: The classic screensaver from old DVD players, where the DVD logo jumps back and forth between the edges of the screen.
  • “googly eyes”: the Google logo gets wiggly eyes.
  • “mars 2020”: the Mars helicopter Ingenuity appears. If you click on it, a Mars surface appears and the helicopter starts to fly over it.
  • “sonic the hedgehog game”: Sonic appears on the right of the browser in the waiting posture. If you click on him, he curls up. After clicking 25 times, Super Sonic appears instead.
  • “google logo history”: Shows a presentation of how the Google logo has changed over the years.

Easter Eggs that are no longer available

Google often hides so-called Easter Eggs – small special features – in the search for a certain time only. However, the website “” (“Google” backwards) archives them. So if you can’t get enough of the little gimmicks, you’ll find plenty of material there.