Twitter stamps just introduced innovation again

That was then probably a flop. Twitter had only introduced tweets with an expiration date worldwide in November 2020. But now the short message service is discontinuing the function again.

Twitter has declared its experiment with tweets disappearing on their own a failure. “Fleets,” which were only introduced worldwide last November, did not encourage more users to post more frequently to the service as hoped, Twitter said in a blog post. The company is therefore discontinuing its Twitter Fleets as of Aug. 3.

However, the function does not disappear completely without a trace: For example, the camera of the official Twitter app is to be improved with elements initially developed for this purpose.

Twitter Fleets with ephemeral content

The neologism “fleets” stands for “fleeting tweets”. They are automatically deleted after 24 hours. Users can only reply to Twitter Fleets as a direct message, but not in the public timeline. The company had hoped that the new function would make even reluctant users dare to share content on Twitter. But nothing came of it.

The Fleets function was Twitter’s answer to the trend toward the “Stories” functions popular with many users. The idea of making selected photos and videos available to friends for a period of 24 hours was first implemented by the photo app Snapchat. It was subsequently copied by Facebook, among others, in apps such as WhatsApp. The messenger introduced it on a test basis back in March 2020. Meanwhile, WhatsApp also allows messages to be viewed just once before they automatically disappear again. However, the function has a big catch, as we explain in more detail in a separate article.

New WhatsApp function totally poorly implemented

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