Two cool iPhone features that almost no one knows about

atechbook introduces two functions that iPhone users should know about.

Text too small, weak contrasts, poor light? Often small things are enough to make texts unreadable. atechbook introduces two iPhone functions that make reading easier.

iPhone function reads texts aloud

iPhone and Android users can, for example, have content read aloud from the smartphone.¬†Users can find the setting in the menu under “Settings” and “Operating aids”. Android smartphones also support this function. Depending on the model, the appropriate setting can be found under “Accessibility” or “Accessibility” in the Settings menu.

Under Settings / Accessibility you can find the options for voice output in iOS | Photo: atechbook

In the menu item “Speech output”, users can set that the screen content is read out to them on request. A computer voice then reads the corresponding text aloud after a swipe gesture.

Magnifying glass function provides a full view

Help for smartphone users is also available with the magnifier function that Apple’s iOS devices have integrated by default. This turns the smartphone with camera into a magnifying glass. This not only helps people with visual impairments.

The magnifier used to be in the operating aids, but is now a separate app and can accordingly be found via search. The magnifier allows magnifications of the camera image on the display.

For example, users can read small print better or decipher a list of ingredients in the supermarket. Depending on the type of visual impairment, colors can also be inverted and contrasts can be strengthened or weakened.

Another option that is helpful in everyday use is the high-contrast n of fonts. Depending on the Android version and manufacturer, it can be found either directly in the Accessibility menu or under menu sub-items such as “Visual Aid”. If it is active, labels in menus are displayed more visibly for the user.