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Update for Apple Watch puts an end to annoying battery display error

Apple has announced a major update for its smartwatches with watchOS 9. Older models in particular benefit from a special feature. The update puts an end to an annoying error.

It can happen that the actual battery level is no longer displayed correctly on the Apple Watch Series 4 and 5. The problem has already been discussed in the Apple forum. Now the manufacturer has reacted and announced a solution for the faulty battery display of the Apple Watch – it is called watchOS 9.

The update for the Apple Watch will not be released until September, together with the presentation of the iPhone 14. But the manufacturer already revealed a large part of the new functions at WWDC 2022 at the beginning of June. However, one new feature that should especially please owners of older Apple Watch models was not mentioned.

watchOS 9 eliminates faulty battery display on the Apple Watch

As the website “MacRumors” writes, watchOS 9 delivers a new recalibration function for the Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 5. Corresponding references to the function can be found in the release notes of the update. Accordingly, it should recalibrate the Apple Watch and thus correct the faulty battery display. Users will then once again have an overview of exactly how large the power reserve of their watch is.

Apple had first introduced the recalibration feature for the iPhone 11 to make iPhone battery life estimates more accurate. It was rolled out in April 2021 with the update to iOS 14.5. However, a similar feature has been missing for the Apple Watch until now. As MacRumors continues, users don’t even have to actively do anything to correct the Apple Watch’s faulty battery indicator. The recalibration process is supposed to take place during the update and be completed after the installation.


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