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USB-A power adapter disappears from Apple Stores forever

Apple and connectors – it’s one of those things. In addition to the changes to the standard charging cables triggered by EU law, another popular accessory will soon no longer be available in the Apple Store. We are talking about the small USB-A power adapter.

There is technology that is simply cult. Nintendo’s old Game Boy Color, for example, or the Nokia 3310 have in common that you immediately have an image of them in your head. It’s a similar story with Apple’s old 5W USB-A power adapter – for years, the accessory was included with every iPhone. Now, the final demise of the iconic power adapter has been decided.

Small USB-A power adapter was very popular

Apple has been selling its iPhones without the previously included power adapter since 2020. This saves the company a lot of money, but many users were annoyed by the practice. One reason was that the power adapter, which was included with every iPhone for many years, was enormously popular. Small, handy and in a nice design – almost every Apple user has at least one of the small 5W adapters at home.

Most recently, the handy power adapter with USB-A port cost a whopping 25 Euros in the Apple Store. In the future, it will no longer be available at all.

iPhone power supply
The 5 watt power adapter of many iPhones. Photo: atechbook

Outdated technology

Apple does not give an official reason for the discontinuation of the power adapter, but it can be assumed that it is now simply too outdated. Cult status or not, there are now faster power supplies for charging the iPhone. For comparison: 18 watts are now the norm. Thanks to fast charging and USB-C instead of USB-A, the charging time has shortened drastically nowadays. As a result, USB-C is increasingly becoming the standard – not only at Apple. From mid-2024, it will also be law in the EU to enforce uniform standards.

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Speed or not – so far, there is still no adequate replacement for the small USB-A power adapter from the apple company. Apple’s other adapters are all significantly larger and weigh noticeably more. The advantage of the older model was its compactness; the power adapter easily fit into every pocket. As of now, it is no longer available from Apple itself. It is listed as “sold out” in the online store. Surely, the small USB-A adapter will still be available from third-party suppliers for some time until it disappears for good.


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