What can the Beats Studio Buds from Apple?

With the Studio Buds, Apple’s Beats brand enters the true wireless earbud market with a relatively inexpensive model. The small Buds support Android and iOS.

Unfold, press the button, done. That is the promise of the new Beats Studio Buds. The Apple brand Beats has created a compromise earbud for 150 euros here, which is strongly reminiscent of the parent brand’s Airpods Pro, but in the end goes its own way.

The Beats Studio Buds in check

Appearance and case

The oval plastic box houses the small earbuds with silicone ear pieces. They are held in the case with strong magnets. Visually, the Studio Buds are reminiscent of Airpods Pro, but without the control stick. The plugs can pass through ambient noise (transparency) as well as active noise cancellation (ANC). Beats specifies the runtime at 8 hours, which is supposed to be just under five with ANC activated. The battery in the charging case adds two charges.

The charging option with USB-C is a compromise. Android users almost all have this port by now. iPhone users would have to carry an extra cable. Wireless charging is not possible. Also not on board: A wear detection. If you take the Buds out of your ears, the music continues.

Beats Studio Buds
Open, press the button, done – it should be quick and easy, Beats promises. Photo: Till Simon Nagel/dpa-tmn

Wearing comfort

The Buds can be adapted to different ear sizes with silicone attachments and seal the ear canal. The silicone fits turn out comparatively large – bad for people with narrow ear canals.

The wearing comfort is generally good, and the buds do not wobble in the ears either. However, there is a slightly noticeable plugged ear effect and it booms a bit more than Airpods Pro or Google’s Pixel Buds when running or eating.

Connection to the smartphone

Stark, the first surprise. You flip open the box and on the displays of all iPhones and Androids (from Android 6) in the immediate vicinity, the setup is offered. This is done with a tap of the finger. Complicated setup via the Bluetooth menu is not necessary in most cases. Bluetooth 5.2 is used as the connection technology.

App and earbuds
The interface of the app adapts to the Beats Studio Buds in terms of color. Photo: Till Simon Nagel/dpa-tmn

iPhone users have the control options for the Studio Buds integrated into the system – as with other Apple headphones. On Android smartphones, the Studio Buds work best with the matching Beats app (Android 7 and above).


Buttons are pressed here – real buttons with a gentle click. The left one can be assigned for Siri or Google Assistant, for example, and the right one for Start/Stop/Next/Back.

In everyday use, however, the buttons are often accidentally triggered when the Buds are pulled out. So it is better to use pointed fingers. The volume cannot be controlled via the Studio Buds – but that could still be done via a software update, according to the manufacturer.


According to Beats, the Studio Buds were tuned for the widest possible spectrum of music. But honestly: New music sounds better with them than rock classics from the 80s. Nice: rich bass. Confusing: Why some tracks sound washed out, but others sound crystal clear, cannot be figured out.

According to Beats, a lot of emphasis was also placed on a good telephony function of the Studio Buds. A total of six microphones that also filter out background noise are supposed to help. The user understands the caller very well in everyday tests. However, the other party often complains about poor understanding.


Ein chicer Ohrstöpselsatz mit einfacher Verbindung zu iPhones und Androids mit guter Akkulaufzeit soll es sein? Dann lohnt ein Blick auf die Beats Studio Buds. Das Gesamtpaket aus Nutzbarkeit, Sound und Preis ist gut. Im Vergleich zu manch anderem Ohrstöpselmodell fehlt es ihnen aber ein wenig an Wearing comfort.

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Was man noch wissen sollte. Ja, Beats gehört zu Apple. Wer die Studio Buds aber mit den teureren Airpods Pro vergleicht, tut ihnen Unrecht. Denn um die nahtlose Zusammenarbeit auch mit Android zu erreichen, wird andere Technik benutzt. Apples H1-Chip für Verbindung und Sound steckt nicht in den Studio Buds, entsprechend gibt es dessen Funktionen nicht.

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