What happens when you drop the iPhone SE 3 on the floor

Apple just launched the iPhone SE 3 on the market. It does without a crucial breakage protection from the iPhone 13, so how does it do in the drop test?

Apple devices are actually known for their very good workmanship and premium materials. The just released iPhone SE 3 costs 519 Euros and is largely made of tempered glass. Compared to the flagships introduced in the fall, the iPhone 13 series, Apple does not use the newer and better glass called “Ceramic Shield” on the front of the SE 3. This technology has been used since the iPhone 12 and is supposed to be even more robust than the Gorilla Glass known until then.

The iPhone SE 3 does not use Gorilla Glass, but Apple still calls it the toughest of all smartphones. The US company Allstate Protection Plans has now tested this. They dropped the test models onto the display, the back and the side. Each time from a height of around 1.83 meters.

iPhone SE 3 convinces when dropped on the display

The drop on the display was particularly interesting. After all, Apple does without the Ceramic Shield on the front of the iPhone SE 3 and uses a different, very hard glass instead. Despite the lack of supposedly better glass, the SE 3 performs just as well as the iPhone 12 and 13. There were only minor scratches and no display breakage in all models.

Back does not withstand a fall

Although there is no Ceramic Shield on the back, just like on the iPhone 13, the iPhone SE 3 performs worse here. The first drop onto the glass back already resulted in a break. “Allstate Protection Plans explains this with the design of the SE model. It looks like the iPhone 8 and therefore does not have the flat aluminum sides of the 13-series. This is said to have a negative impact on the stability of the back.

Sides themselves are stable

Even though the sides supposedly make the back less robust, they are quite stable themselves, as the drop test shows. The rounded sides of the iPhone SE 3 are in no way inferior to the flat sides of the iPhone 13 and survive the drop with minor scratches.

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Conclusion: iPhone SE 3 surprises in the drop test

Apparently, Apple did not promise too much with the iPhone SE 3 and the glass is really extremely hard. The only weak point seems to be the old construction. All in all, a surprisingly positive result.