What is the AirPods Pro clone for 20 euros from Aldi good for?

Aldi offers wireless headphones that look like Apple’s AirPods from time to time. Meanwhile, the discounter also has an AirPods Pro clone in its promotions.

Wireless headphones from Maginon are among the perennial favorites at the discounter Aldi. At regular intervals, the AirPods clones are available for a limited time at a mini price. At Aldi North, the current headphone promotion started on January 3, 2022. The Maginon BIK-4 offered are a very special model.

Aldi North with its own AirPods clones.

According to the brochure, the Maginon BIK-4 is available at Aldi North. The BIK-4 sounds like a direct successor of the BIK-3. This is exactly where confusion can quickly arise. The successor earbuds are actually called BIK-40 and are modeled after the AirPods Pro. These, too, have already been subjected to a major test by atechbook.

According to Aldi North, the BIK-4s are specially produced models for the discounter. Therefore, they are not listed on the Maginon website. They clearly seem to be modeled after the BIK-40, which they visually resemble. Therefore, we recommend our detailed review of the BIK-40 to find out if the BIK-4 is something for you.

AirPods Pro clone “Maginon BIK-40” for 20 euros in the test

Maginon BIK-4 partially replace a classic

In the past, Aldi offered the Maginon BIK 3 for 19.99 Euros. The true-wireless headphones look like AirPods of the first and second generation. They were last available at Aldi Süd in September 2021. Aldi North already offered the Maginon BIK-4 at the same time. atechbook has already tested the older BIK 3, which are still available on the Maginon website, in detail and recommends them as emergency headphones at most. You can read the detailed test here:

Maginon BIK-3: “Discounter AirPods” for 20 euros in the test – is it worth buying?

Conclusion about the Maginon BIK-4

You can also order the Maginon BIK-4 at Aldi North online, so you don’t necessarily have to live in the catchment area of the stores. You should not expect too much for 20 Euros. While the predecessors, the BIK-3, performed very poorly in our test, the BIK-4 can probably be bought with a reasonably good conscience, analogous to the BIK-40. Our test tells you what the Maginon AirPods clones are suitable for.


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