WhatsApp becomes more interactive – exciting innovations coming for users

WhatsApp has had the status function for quite some time now. Users can use it to share a photo, video, GIF or similar with their contacts for 24 hours. The messaging service is currently planning some innovations for the status. There are also other relevant updates on the horizon.

Almost every relevant messaging service has a Story feature. So does WhatsApp, where it is called “Status”. Now it has been announced that this feature will receive a major update. In addition, other innovations are to follow, which could be quite useful for users.

WhatsApp status to get better

Among other things, WhatsApp plans to integrate the status into the chat list in the future. The user can view the contact’s status by clicking on the profile picture in the chat menu. Currently, the Story-like function can only be viewed under the “Status” tab on WhatsApp.

Initially, WhatsApp will probably roll out the new feature to the desktop version. Afterwards, however, an update for Android and iOS devices is also planned. WhatsApp probably wants to make the feature more popular and interactive, since it is used comparatively little.

In addition, another extra is to be introduced. Anyone who looks at a contact’s status can write a message about it. Soon, quick reactions in the form of emojis will also be possible. Facebook and Instagram have already integrated this into their respective Story functions.

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These are the other innovations

Through the beta program of Google Play, the Messenger has introduced another update. In Android version, a function appears that allows users to see whether their chats are actually “end-to-end encrypted”. WhatsApp will probably add this to the footer in the chat list. Currently, the function is visible in the Android beta version, but this innovation will most likely also be available for iOS and the desktop version.

In addition, another update is visible in the beta version. As WABetaInfo announced, administrators of a group will be able to delete a message of any group member in the future. Again, for iOS and the desktop version, the feature could be tested in later beta versions.

Last but not least, there is another piece of good news for WhatsApp users. In the future, the meta subsidiary wants to make it possible to link the account with a second smartphone. Currently, it is only possible to use the chat service with one cell phone. atechbook had already reported about the restrictions on the multi-device use of WhatsApp.

It is worth mentioning that the above-mentioned innovations are all in the testing phase. It is still unclear when WhatsApp will push the updates to the devices.


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