WhatsApp gets “pregnant man” emoji and 36 others

The community of emojis is growing once again. Since the responsible consortium placed particular emphasis on diversity this time, a pregnant man is now also represented.

A pregnant man and a melting face are among the 37 new emojis that can soon be used in messaging services such as WhatsApp, On Twitter and Facebook, as well as the Android and iOS system. The Unicode Consortium has introduced a total of 838 new characters for the update of the international character standard Unicode.

The new emojis in Unicode 14

Basically, the consortium continues to expand diversity. Thus, in the emoji catalog of Unicode 14.0, the handshake emoji will also have different skin tones in the future. The same applies in general to many symbols, where users have the choice between different skin, hair colors, gender variants and other combinations. The popular smileys have also grown – from the melting smileys to the one crying with joy or peeking out from behind the hand, there are several new versions. But there are also completely new single symbols like the coral, an X-ray, a life ring or a bird’s nest with and without eggs.

View of the new emojis in Unicode 14
New smileys and a pregnant man are only part of the new emojis Photo: Emojipedia

Because of the corona pandemic, the expansion of the emoji catalog had been delayed. Actually, the new catalog should have been presented already in March this year. However, the presentation was delayed to September 2021. Until the new emojis are available, however, it will take some time. Users will probably be able to use the new symbols in everyday communication from the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022. According to the blog Emojipedia , manufacturers such as Microsoft, Apple and Google will also release support for Unicode 14 in their Windows, iOS and Android operating systems during this period. Messenger services – first and foremost WhatsApp – will then also bring the new emojis into their apps.

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