WhatsApp move from iPhone to Android becomes easier

If you want to switch from Android to iPhone or vice versa, the question always remains: what happens to my chat histories? WhatsApp has now announced an imminent solution to the problem.

Transferring WhatsApp chats to a new smartphone is relatively easy. All chat histories and media are directly available again on the new smartphone after a backup on the old device. But this only works if you stay on the same platform. That is, only an Android smartphone can restore the backup from an Android device. Just like an iPhone can only recognize the backup from another iPhone. But those who switch to another system have had a problem so far. But that is supposed to change soon, according to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp confirms new feature for chat move

During Samsung Unpacked 2021, where the manufacturer presented the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3, among others, WhatsApp stepped in and confirmed a rumor that was previously circulated by WABetaInfo. According to the rumor, it will soon be possible to move WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone or vice versa. According to its own statement, the messenger has been working on the required transfer tool for a while now, although the work proved to be not so easy due to the different systems and cloud solutions as well as the encryption of the chats. Now, however, a big step has been made and WhatsApp wants to offer the function on Samsung smartphones first. Using SamsungSwitch, WhatsApp chats should then be easily transferred from the iPhone to the manufacturer’s Android devices.

Later, the transfer of chats, pictures and voice messages will then also be possible for smartphones from other manufacturers as well as from Android to iPhone. However, WhatsApp has not yet revealed when the function will be rolled out.

Different cloud systems

The problem with moving WhatsApp chats across systems is the use of the cloud platform. While WhatsApp on Android stores the backups in Google Drive, the messenger on the iPhone uses Apple’s iCloud. Since these two systems can’t communicate with each other, the only thing left to do when switching from iPhone to Android – or vice versa – is to start completely from scratch.

Thus, WhatsApp has so far been a hurdle for many who stick to using the messenger. However, that could soon change. But WhatsApp wants to change this and, according to “WABetaInfo”, has already been working on the transfer function for several months, which will enable the switch to another platform.

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WhatsApp chats can only be transferred during initial setup

In a screenshot of the new function, WABetaInfo shows that switching to another phone number should also appear as an option. This would make it possible to transfer chats between iPhone and Android while setting up a new phone number.

Transfer WhatsApp chats to a new smartphone
When setting up a new Android smartphone, WhatsApp should soon ask if you want to take your chat histories with you. Photo: WABetaInfo

However, the screenshot also shows that the transfer of chat histories is not allowed at any time. At least when switching from iPhone to Android, the transfer only works during the initial setup. However, at least all pictures and videos are transferred in addition to the chat histories.