WhatsApp no longer shows online status to certain users

WhatsApp is changing the “Last online” setting in the privacy section. This makes it safer for users to use.

WhatsApp is the most popular messenger in this country. Like Facebook and Instagram, the service belongs to the parent company Meta. For many, WhatsApp is indispensable and regulates all communication. It is also clear that popular services are abused. And not just by scammers, but also for snooping and, in the worst case, stalking. WhatsApp now wants to do something about this and is changing the “Last online” status.

“Last online” status hidden from strangers

So far, the “Last online” status is set to “Everyone” by default. Users currently have the option to manually change it to “My contacts” or “Nobody”. atechbook advises doing the same. In the future, however, WhatsApp wants to make the manual change unnecessary. As the well-informed site “WABetainfo” reports, WhatsApp is already testing the switch to “Contacts only” as a default option in a current beta version. Of course, those who want to can still change this manually as they wish.

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What does the new default setting do for users?

It can be assumed that WhatsApp wants to protect its users with the change. The “Last online” status is still used by some, not least to snoop on others. This can be unpleasant in all walks of life. With the current setting to “Everyone”, however, especially so. Because this means that anyone who has your mobile number can see via WhatsApp when you were last online there. In the worst case, this could be interpreted negatively later on. After all, the other person then knows that you were on the smartphone.


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