WhatsApp revamps its voice messaging feature

Voice messages on WhatsApp will soon no longer have to be recorded in one piece. WhatsApp is currently working on a new function.

Fans of voice messages probably no longer want to miss them and are therefore happy about any improvement. The latest planned feature will make recording easier. But does the ability to pause voice messages really add value?

Pause voice messages

As already mentioned, this is about recording the messages and not playing them back. WhatsApp is working on the possibility to pause the recording of voice messages and resume it later, according to the well-informed site WABetainfo. The site estimates this to be a useful feature, as it means you don’t have to record a new voice note every time. WABetainfo shows how the function looks like in a video:

Function really useful?

Contrary to WABetainfo’s assessment, atechbook doesn’t really find the innovation groundbreaking. To be honest, no one in the editorial team has ever had the desire to be able to pause a message and continue later. On the contrary: we’d rather send several shorter messages than one endlessly long one.

In addition, voice messages are usually intended for the exact moment when you record them. If I’m still awaiting the outcome on something, I don’t pause my voicemail, I record it later. The only possible sensible use could be when you are interrupted during recording and therefore need to end it quickly. But again, you could just say that in a half-sentence at the end of the voicemail and not have to pause it.

How can you use the feature?

Currently, users cannot access the feature yet. Pausing voice messages is not even offered in the beta version of WhatsApp – neither in iOS nor in Android. The feature is only in development. However, since there are already pictures and videos, a release of the test version could be imminent.

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