WhatsApp tests new 90-day feature

WhatsApp implements in a new beta version the ability to let messages expire after 90 days.

Expiring or self-deleting messages have been a recurring topic on WhatsApp lately. The world’s most popular messenger has already tested and introduced several options. Since recently, for example, users can send pictures and videos in such a way that recipients can only open them once. Before that, WhatsApp already introduced 7-day deletion. If the “self-deleting messages” function is activated in the chat options, messages disappear automatically after 7 days. The new function, strikes in the same notch.

Delete WhatsApp messages after 90 days

The new WhatsApp feature probably works like the 7-day deletion, only with 90 days. That can be quite useful. After about 3 months, old chats are often no longer really relevant and only consume storage space. Even beyond that, the feeling that conversations long past can’t be dredged up can be comforting.

Just like “self-deleting messages” so far, you activate the function for each chat individually. This is currently only possible in the WhatsApp beta for Android devices.

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Do not rely on deletion

The 90-day deletion has the same problem as the other self-deletion options on WhatsApp. There are a whole lot of exceptions where it doesn’t apply. That’s because the following things can happen without the sender knowing, WhatsApp warns:

  • self-deleting messages before they disappear can forward them at any time or take a screenshot of them to save them,
  • Be able to copy and save content from self-deleting messages before they disappear,
  • Be able to use a camera or other device to take a photo of the self-deleting message before it disappears.

Accordingly, it is still true in the future that you should be careful what you send. With a 90-day deletion period, this becomes even clearer.

When will the 90-day deletion for all?

The timing of a final release of the feature has not yet been determined. However, it could be sooner than expected. After all, WhatsApp already tested 24-hour message deletion months ago. It would be quite plausible that both options will be released together in a timely manner. There is also no information about a test in the iOS beta yet.


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