WhatsApp users will soon be able to determine who exactly sees their profile picture

Until now, WhatsApp users have only been able to define relatively roughly who is allowed to see their profile picture. But that is set to change soon. The messenger is working on a new function for this.

Nobody, only my contacts or all WhatsApp users – these are the choices you have so far when it comes to the question of who can see your profile picture. But in the future, the settings options are to become even more specific. According to a report from WABetaInfo, the messenger is working on an update that is supposed to increase its privacy and security even more.

Customize WhatsApp profile picture view

WhatsApp recently released beta for Android. With it, the extended selection function “My contacts, except…” comes into the profile picture settings. Instead of limiting the view to one’s own contacts, users can make their WhatsApp profile picture accessible only to selected people in the future if they wish. This increases privacy.

We already know the function from an earlier beta, which was related to the WhatsApp status. Here, too, Messenger tested the specific selection of contacts that are allowed to view a person’s status.

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Who can see my profile picture?

If you are setting up WhatsApp for the first time, you should take a look at the settings and adjust a few things. This includes, for example, who can see the status, the last online entry and the profile picture. Every user is enabled here ex works.

To do this, go to the settings of WhatsApp. You can find them in the chat overview via the three dots in the upper right corner. here, they click on “Account” and then on “Privacy”. Under “Profile picture” you can now select who can see your photo. At the moment, there are still three options to choose from: “Everyone”, “My contacts” or “No one”. In the future, the fourth option “My contacts, except…” will also be found here.

However, the latter is currently still in testing and is not yet officially available. It is not yet known when WhatsApp will roll out the new profile picture option to all users.


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