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WhatsApp will soon allow you to hide the fact that you are currently online

WhatsApp is always testing new features to adapt its messenger service to users’ wishes as best as possible. That’s why it will soon be possible to completely hide the fact that you are currently online.

There are many reasons to hide your online status. First and foremost, it gives you more time to reply. On WhatsApp, users already have various options to protect their privacy. You can turn off read receipts, hide your online status and much more. Until now, however, a corresponding status was still displayed when using the messenger. According to WABetaInfo, this will change soon. According to the portal, the messenger is working on a function that can completely hide whether you are currently online.

New WhatsApp feature hides online status completely

The feature is not about hiding when a person was last online – that has been working for some time. Until now, however, it was always possible to see when a person was online at the same moment. In the one-on-one chat with this person, the addition “Online” is then visible under the name and the profile picture. If the person in question is currently writing something in the chat or sending a voice message, this is also visible under the name. This is where WhatsApp now comes in.

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According to the screenshots published by WABetaInfo, it will be possible in the future to manually specify who is still allowed to see the exact online status. This is the Messenger’s response to the community, which has long wanted such a function. In the settings, it will then be possible to completely hide whether you are currently online or not. To do this, go to the settings, open the “Account” tab and go to the “Privacy” menu. Here you can already deactivate the status “Last online”. In the future, this will probably also be possible with the online status in general.

Leave groups secretly

In addition, WhatsApp is apparently working on a way to leave groups without all members noticing. The screenshot from WABetaInfo shows that a different message will appear instead of the usual notification. Instead of all group members being able to see that a member has left the group, this is to be reserved for the admin of the group in the future.

Screenshot WABetaInfo Exit Group
In the future, only the admin should be able to see whether one has left a group. Photo: atechbook via WABetaInfo

When will the functions come?

It is not yet known when it will be possible to completely hide the online status or to secretly leave groups. Both functions are still in the test phase. However, since both of them are long-demanded features, WhatsApp could press the gas pedal accordingly. However, it will certainly still take a few months. atechbook will keep you up to date on this.

If you want to test the features yourself until then, you can also register as a WhatsApp beta tester . How this works, you can read in the news.


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