Will there soon be no time limit to delete WhatsApp messages?

Typed in the WhatsApp message and already sent? Until now, you have to act quickly to still be able to correct the error. That could change soon.

Already four years ago, WhatsApp introduced the possibility to delete messages after sending them. Initially, this only worked up to a maximum of 7 minutes after the fact, but now it works up to 4096 seconds – 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds – later. The insider blog “WABetaInfo” now reports that the limit could soon fall completely.

Delete WhatsApp messages sent at any time

A leaked image show that WhatsApp is working to expand the delete feature further. The image shows a message dated August 23, 2021, yet the “Delete message for all” option still appears on November 1. According to “WABetaInfo”, this option will be available without a time limit. However, it is still in development, which is why there is still uncertainty about the scope and implementation.

So, at the moment, it is not yet clear whether WhatsApp will allow you to delete all messages in the future – even those that were sent before the feature was enabled. It is quite possible that messages sent only after activation will be affected. There is no date for a beta test or even the full implementation. Therefore, it is not impossible that WhatsApp will also discard the feature again. As soon as we learn something new, you will find the information on atechbook.

How to delete WhatsApp messages on the iPhone

To delete a message in the iPhone version of WhatsApp, you have to tap the message in question with your finger for a long time. A small menu opens where you can tap on the arrow on the right to display further options. Here you will also find the item “Delete”. If you tap on it, you can now select which messages in the chat you want to delete. By tapping on the trash can in the lower left corner, you can now delete the message.

How to delete WhatsApp messages on Android

In the Android version of WhatsApp, the deletion works a bit easier. There, you have to tap on the desired message for a long time, just like on the iPhone. Now you can select the trash can icon. With “Delete for all” it disappears from all devices, when pressing “Delete for me” it disappears only locally.