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Write in bold, italic or strikethrough on WhatsApp

To highlight individual words or entire passages of text, WhatsApp offers various formatting options. atechbook reveals how you can write in bold, italics or strikethrough on WhatsApp.

Sometimes you just want to highlight a statement in your messages. WhatsApp offers various options for this apart from emojis, but not everyone is aware of them. It is very easy to write in different styles on the messenger. From the mass of words, certain passages or words can stand out in WhatsApp by making them bold, italic or crossed out in bold, italics or strikethrough. With these formattings, important info is guaranteed not to get lost anymore. After all, what works on the computer also works on the messenger.

Since there is no extra button for the feature on WhatsApp, punctuation marks are used for it. Our short tutorial shows how texts can be easily formatted on WhatsApp (for iOS and Android). You are guaranteed to impress your chat partners with this.

Would you prefer to watch our tips on the different fonts in WhatsApp in a video? Then take a look here:

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Write bold in WhatsApp

If you want to write a word or a section of text in WhatsApp bold, put an asterisk at the beginning and end. In your own text field, the formatting is not yet visible. Only when you send the text, the selected area is displayed to the chat partner in bold. We think so: Really bold!

Text between two asterisks on WhatsApp
Embed the text in asterisks and you can write bold on WhatsApp.
Photo: atechbook Photo: atechbook

Write in italics

But you can not only write bold on WhatsApp, but also italic. For the italic font, place an underscore before and after the corresponding text passage. The “underscore” command formats the text in italics.

italic text on WhatsApp with one underscore before and one after the text.
To write not only bold on WhatsApp, but also italic, you just need two underscores.
Photo: atechbook Photo: atechbook

Write strikethrough

Writing bold and italic on WhatsApp helps especially when you want to emphasize something. Writing words or text passages in strikethrough is especially useful if you have discovered an error while reading a message that has already been sent. You can then easily correct this with the strikethrough function. The word or phrase is written in the middle of tildes (also called approximate signs or wavy lines).

n the middle of tildes, the text is crossed out.
In the middle of tildes the text is crossed out.
Photo: atechbook Photo: atechbook

Important to note: No space is placed after or before the special character in question! This applies both when you write strikethrough and italic and when you write bold on WhatsApp.

What is the “monospace” formatting?

To format a word or a text passage in monospace you simply write three gravis before and after the word or text passage.

With three gravis before and after the text, all words will be in monospace formatted. Photo: atechbook

Alternative to punctuation marks – the context menu

If you can’t find or use the punctuation marks on the keyboard, you can still write bold, italic, strikethrough or in monospace on WhatsApp. To do this, use the context menu on both Android and iPhone.

  • Android: Tap and hold the entered text that you want to format. Now select “Bold, Italic or More”. Tap on “More” to select “Strikethrough” or “Monospace”.
  • iPhone: Tap the text you entered in the text field and select “Select” or “Select All” > B_I_U. Then select “Bold”, “Italic”, “Strikethrough” or “Monospace”.


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