Writing in bold, italics or strikethrough on WhatsApp

Um einzelne Wörter oder ganze Textpassagen hervorzuheben, bietet WhatsApp verschiedene Möglichkeiten der Formatierung. atechbook verrät, wie Sie fett, kursiv oder strikeout auf WhatsApp schreiben können.

From party planning, to a simple “hello” to half novels – WhatsApp users type without end. The result: the chat partner can read over something in the flood of letters. After all, almost everything looks the same – at least if you don’t use an emoji. But you can change that with a few keystrokes on the keyboard. From the mass of words, certain passages or words in WhatsApp can stand out, by making them bold, italic or strikeout font. With this formatting, important information is guaranteed not to get lost. What works on the computer, also works in the messenger.

Since there is no extra button for the feature on WhatsApp, punctuation marks are used for this purpose. Our short tutorial shows how texts on WhatsApp (for iOS and Android) can be easily formatted. You are guaranteed to impress your chat partners with this.

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Write bold on WhatsApp

If you want to write a word or a section of text in bold on WhatsApp, put an asterisk at the beginning and end. The formatting is not yet visible in your own text field. Only when you send the text, the selected area is displayed to the chat partner in bold. We think so: Really bold!

Text between two asterisks on WhatsApp
Embed the text in asterisks and you can write bold on WhatsApp.
Photo: atechbook Photo: atechbook

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Writing in italics

However, you can not only write bold on WhatsApp, but also italic. For the italic font, you put an underscore before and after the corresponding text passage. The “underscore” command formats the text in italics.

Italic text on WhatsApp with one underscore before and one after the text.
To write not only bold but also italic on WhatsApp, you simply need two underscores.
Photo: atechbook Photo: atechbook

Write strikethrough

Fett und kursiv schreiben auf WhatsApp hilft besonders, wenn Sie etwas hervorheben möchten. Wörter oder Textpassagen strikeout zu schreiben ist vor allem nützlich, wenn Sie beim Lesen einer bereits gesendeten Nachricht einen Fehler entdeckt haben. Diesen können Sie dann mit der Durchstreich-Funktion ganz einfach beheben. Das Wort oder der Satz wird dabei inmitten von Tilden (wird auch Ungefähr-Zeichen oder Wellenlinie genannt) geschrieben.

nmitten von Tilden wird der Text strikeout.
Inmitten von Tilden wird der Text strikeout.
Photo: atechbook Photo: atechbook

Important to note: No space is placed after or before the respective special character! This applies both when you write strikethrough and italic and when you write bold on WhatsApp.

What is the “monospace” formatting?

To format a word or text passage in monospace to format, simply write three gravis each before and after the word or text passage.

With three gravis before and after the text, all words will be written in monospace formatiert. Photo: atechbook

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Alternative to punctuation marks – the context menu

Wer die Satzzeichen auf der Tastatur nicht findet oder benutzen kann, kann trotzdem fett, kursiv, strikeout oder in monospace auf WhatsApp schreiben. Dafür nutzen Sie sowohl bei Android als auch bei iPhone das Kontextmenü.

  • Android: Tap and hold the entered text you want to format. Now select “Bold, Italic, or More.” Tap “More” to select “strikethrough” or “monospace”.
  • iPhone: Tap on the text you have entered in the text field and select “Select” or “Select all” youkuohao_52f27gfH$32J B_I_U. Then select “Bold”, “Italic”, “Strikeout”, or “Monospace”.


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