Zoom is now running ads on its video conferencing service

Advertising-financed apps or free services on the Internet are well known to most users. Now Zoom is also launching a pilot project with advertising.

Video conferencing provider Zoom has announced the launch of advertising within its offering. Affected are exclusively users of the free Basic offer, if they use Zoom in the browser, as the company communicates. And even that should only be the case under certain conditions.

Zoom’s basic offering to include advertising in future

With the beginning of the corona pandemic, the boom of video conferencing tools also started. Meetings were and are increasingly held online; the days of sitting together in cramped rooms are over. Free services in particular were and are popular. Zoom also offers such free access to video calls with its basic service. In order to be able to offer the service further, Zoom sets now on advertisement.

Since it is according to the data around a pilot project acts, only in “certain countries” is to be recruited first of all. However, the provider does not reveal exactly which countries are involved. Users will also only be able to see Zoom’s advertising if another basic access user has scheduled the meeting. And in principle Zoom n would like to switch first only after completion of the meeting in the Browser.

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Users will then also be able to change the cookie settings associated with the advertising via a banner. However, Zoom expressly declares that it will not use any meeting or messaging content for marketing or third-party advertising purposes.

In addition to Zoom, Cisco Webex, Google Hangouts, Jitsi Meet, Skype, and Teamviewer Meeting offer free video conferencing.

With material from dpa