Patents pending! Apple secures new accessory ideas

New accessories from Apple are rare. But three new patents give iPhone and iPad owners hope.

Like other smartphones and tablets, the iPhone and iPad are true all-rounders. Among other things, they can be used to play video games with impressive graphics. Mobile gaming even makes up the largest part of the virtual gaming landscape in this country. This is not necessarily because the games are better than on the Switch, PlayStation and Xbox, but rather because of the low prices and the high smartphone density.

For more demanding games, the iPhone has lacked convenient control options so far. No display can keep up with a controller. However, Apple has now applied for three patents for controllers in Europe, which should solve this problem.

Three gaming controllers for iPhone and iPad

The three controller options for which patents have been applied for do not bring much that is new in terms of looks. They are rather inspired by existing input options from the console sector and are partly already available from third-party manufacturers for other smartphones. However, that is not too bad at first. After all, input options for game consoles have been continuously improved over the past decades and are therefore on a very high level. In the end, the special thing is certainly in the details and the quality. However, these things can’t be read from the sketches yet.

1.) Controller based on the Nintendo Switch model

The first gamepad is strongly reminiscent of the Nintendo Switch. The two controller parts are supposed to be attached to the sides of the iPhone, either vertically or horizontally. According to this, you do not connect them via Lightning. It is unclear exactly how they hold. They are apparently docked magnetically and the connection is supposed to be made via Bluetooth.

2.) Controller based on the Nintendo DS model

The second patent sketch also strongly reminds us of a Nintendo model. A flat plate with a control pad on the left, four buttons on the right and a display in the center is attached to the bottom of the smartphone like a Nintendo DS.

3.) Controller modeled on home consoles

The last sketches show a conventional controller, as known from home consoles. It should also be possible to connect it to the AppleTV. Besides the usual gaming buttons, you’ll also find LEDs and switches related to smartphone functions. For example, those of incoming calls or the possibility to switch between gaming, messages and calls.

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